The Process of a Search

Posted on June, 21, 2011


Incorporating the desires of the hiring authority with the cultural needs of the organization as well as identifying the functional requirements of the position is a skill that provides you ideal candidates in a timely manner.
Identifying Your Needs: Initializing a search needs direct communication between the consultant and hiring authority and helps both to crystallize exactly what requirements are needed in a candidate.
The Job Order is the first step. This is a good time to set a deadline for hiring. A search is typically initiated within 24hrs of agreement of terms with candidates presented within 5 working days.
Position Description: J Ross Associates takes the information from the Job Order and any other pertinent research information and creates a Position Brief -outlining specific responsibilities, skills required and characteristics of the position. This, along with the standard agreement of terms is the working mandate for the Client Partner to start a search.
Search Process: The position is advertised. Simultaneously, networking and targeted search techniques are implemented and interviews conducted to determine that both parties agree the applicant is qualified, available and interested in being a potential candidate.
Presentation of Candidates: Once qualified by the Client Partner, the candidates experiences, salary expectations and other relevant information will be presented to the Hiring Authority and the HR Rep.
Interviews: The Client will communicate desired interview schedules with the Client Partner in order to set up either a telephone interview or face to face interview with the candidates. A second interview will be established or candidate will be released from the process.
Offer: After the interviews, any offer details will be discussed with the hiring authority/HR and JRA before a verbal offer is made and accepted. Satisfaction Guaranteed; Follow up calls will be made once the candidate is on board with both the candidate and hiring authority.