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    Potential candidates are identified, qualified and presented to the client by the firm based upon fit with a written or verbal Job specification.   This can be developed in conjunction with the firm or assigned by the client.  Assessing the...

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    Working in multiple disciplines and industries as well as various markets allows us to keep our network of clients and candidates informed of job-related trends and changes.

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    Listen, learn, research, communicate, discuss, network, promote opportunity, sell, interview, present, set expectations, make offer,  prepare employee for first day of work at new career, success.


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    We are confident that we continue to be a good partner to our clients.  Our reward is repeat business from the same source as well as from referrals within the industry.  We value every communication opportunity with our client and...
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    Resumes to Candidates@jrossassociates.com

    Clients may contact J. Ross Associates LLC directly 

    juliet@jrossassociates.com or 770-468-7240


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Welcome to J Ross Associates LLC - Executive Search/Recruiting Consultant

The retained search firm of J. Ross Associates specializes in the recruitment of qualified, interested and culturally suitable candidates for top tier companies by matching candidates’ progressive experience to specific requirements for any given position. Our candidates are assessed and matched in order to eliminate time-wasting exercises and to quickly provide satisfactory results for both client and candidate.

Quite simply, we work for you….with you.  Present us with your hiring challenges, we will propose solutions that meet your needs, keeping you apprised but free to pursue your other professional responsibilities.

Finding candidates who meet your specific requirements and exceed expectations is our talent.

Identifying and engaging the ideal candidate swiftly is our expertise.

Matching character, experience, skills and ability with corporate and cultural preferences is our specialty.

Understanding your corporate philosophy and work environment benefits both your organization and the candidates we present. 

By committing a dedicated Client Partner for each client, we generate a continuum that becomes a fluid partnership.  A strong understanding of your needs, constant feedback and communication and sincere interest in pursuing a long-term professional relationship based on our ability to bring you the best available candidates for any given position is where we provide value as your partner.